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Asparagus Winter Care: Tips On Winterizing Asparagus Beds

By Amy Grant

Once established, asparagus is fairly low maintenance with the exception of keeping the area weed free and watering, but what about overwintering asparagus plants? Do asparagus need winter protection? Find out in this article.

What’s The Difference Between Male And Female Asparagus Plants

By Amy Grant

We all know that some plants have male reproductive organs and some have female and some have both. How about asparagus? Are there really male or female asparagus? If so, what?s the difference between male and female asparagus? Find out here.

What Is Asparagus Rust: Tips On Treating Rust In Asparagus Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Asparagus rust disease is a common but extremely destructive plant disease that has affected asparagus crops around the world. Learn more about asparagus rust control and treatment in your garden using information from this article.

Rotting Asparagus Plants: Treating Asparagus Crown And Root Rot

By Amy Grant

Asparagus crown and root rot is one of the most economically disastrous diseases of the crop worldwide. Asparagus crown rot is caused by three species of Fusarium. Learn more about controlling asparagus fusarium crown rot and root rot here.

Asparagus Companion Plants – What Grows Well With Asparagus

By Amy Grant

Asparagus plant companions are plants that have a symbiotic relationship, one that is mutually beneficial to each. In the following article, we will discuss the benefits of companion planting with asparagus and what grows well with asparagus.

Planting Asparagus Seed – How Do You Grow Asparagus From Seed

By Amy Grant

Many gardeners buy established bare root stock when growing asparagus, but can you grow asparagus from seeds? If so, how do you grow asparagus from seed and what other information on asparagus seed propagation might be helpful? Find out here.

Asparagus Weed Control: Tips For Using Salt On Asparagus Weeds

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

An old method of controlling weeds in the asparagus patch was to pour the water from an ice cream maker over the bed. The salty water limits weeds but over time it can cause problems. Know how to use salt on asparagus in this article.

My Asparagus Is Too Thin: Causes For Thin Asparagus Spears

By Kristi Waterworth

Asparagus can be a challenging vegetable in the garden, but if you take good care of this hardy plant, it'll produce dependable and predictable harvests. Discover what you're missing should you get thin asparagus spears in this article.

Asparagus Propagation: Learn How To Propagate Asparagus Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Tender, new asparagus shoots are one of the first crops of the season. Growing asparagus plants from division is possible, but the most common method is from root crowns. Learn how to propagate asparagus here.

Asparagus Harvesting – How And When To Pick Asparagus

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Harvesting asparagus is worth the wait, and wait you must if you have started a new asparagus bed. Find asparagus harvesting tips in the article that follows so you can make the most of your crop.

How To Grow Asparagus

By Jackie Rhoades

Asparagus is the first vegetable harvested each spring. It is prized for its flavor. Growing asparagus takes some patience but is well worth the wait in the end. Get information on asparagus care here.

Planting Asparagus: How To Make An Asparagus Bed

By Heather Rhoades

Anyone who is a fan of asparagus but not a fan of the cost of buying them in the grocery store has wondered how to make an asparagus bed. Read this article to learn how to start asparagus beds.

Cutting Asparagus Foliage Back In Autumn

By Heather Rhoades

One of the things that is important to asparagus care is preparing the asparagus beds for autumn and cutting the asparagus back. This article provides tips on cutting back asparagus plants in fall.

What is the History of Asparagus?

Native to the seacoasts of Europe and Eastern Asia, asparagus is known for its tolerance of salt. In fact, some lore has gardeners discouraging weeds by dousing asparagus beds with salt. A mixture of 1 to 2 pounds of salt (NaCI) dissolved in a gallon of water can be sprayed or sprinkled on the bed, but not on emerging spears or young ferns. This won't entirely eliminate the weeding chore, but it can help. Mulching does a much better job and helps conserve moisture when growing asparagus.

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