Nursery-garden of Elena Dolgova

The nursery of garden plants of Elena Dolgova

Linen. region, Gatchinsky district, gardening "Builder"
between Pavlovsk and the village. Kommunar (Antropshino)


+7 (950) 020-57-20

Online store of garden plants:

The nursery was founded in 1990 by Elena Viktorovna Dolgova. During this time, many plants have been tested, of which the most resistant and unpretentious have been selected. An important point in the formation of the assortment is cultivation without special care and shelter for the winter.

We offer unpretentious ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials for the garden, grown in the Gatchina region of Len. area. All plants are grown in open ground without shelter, and the flowering times are indicated in the conditions of the Northwest.

Distribution throughout Russia is carried out from April to November

There is a good selection of clematis and other vines, rare species of plants, hosts, phlox
There are special summer and winter discounts for some types of plants!

We offer:

- Aconites
- Astilbe
- Astrantia
- Perennial asters
- Brunners
- Buzulniki
- Basilists
- Garden geraniums
- Trees
- Cereals
- Irises are different
- Clematis
- Black cohosh
- Shrubs
- Vines
- Daylilies
- Lilies
- Bulbous
- Lungwort
- Perennials
- Perennials for rockery
- Nymphs
- Garden orchids
- Sedum
- Ferns
- Peonies
- Rogers
- Tradescantia
- Phlox
- Hosts
- Presents
- Perennials for shade

The planting stock is sold from April to November.
Orders are accepted throughout the year.

For residents of St. Petersburg and the region, the sale of plants is carried out from the end of April to October in the city center, at the Senny market and in the Gatchinsky district in the nursery itself, which is located in gardening between Pavlovsk and the village of Kommunar (Antropshino).

For gardeners of St. Petersburg there is a courier delivery costing 600 rubles. anywhere in the city at any time convenient for you.

Online store of garden plants

Business conversation: 49 books - download in fb2, txt for android or read online

Lectures on Business Communication Skills

The course is useful for people who have important negotiations: managers, leaders of all levels. The course is designed to make you a sought-after and highly paid specialist in the labor market. 01. Business ethics. Basic concepts and principles. 02. Interpersonal relationships and their patterns.

03. Business relationship problems. 04. Social responsibility of organizations. 05. Ethical standards in the organization and their optimization. 06. Ethics of the organization and the leader. 07. Resolving conflict situations. 08. Communication as a category. 09. The culture of business communication.

10. Types of business communication. 11. Rhetoric. Culture of speech in business communication. 12. The basics of non-verbal communication. 13. Features of non-verbal communication. Visual contact. 14. Features of the location of people in non-verbal communication. 15. Telephone conversations.

Features and norms. 16. Skills of business writing. 17. The main signs of manipulation in communication. 18. Ways to neutralize manipulation and create trusting relationships. 19. Rules for preparing public speeches. 20. Preparation and conduct of a business conversation.

Interview. 21. Holding office meetings and negotiations. 22. How to criticize correctly. 23. Image of a business person. 24. Greetings etiquette. Business card of a business person. 25. The appearance of a business person. Features of the appearance of a business woman.

26. Behavior in public places. 27. Business partnerships with foreign organizations. 28. Business etiquette. 29. How to give compliments and gifts. 30. General conclusion.© IDDK.

Business communication in the state apparatus

The manual examines a wide range of problems of business communication in the state apparatus: the concept and structure, features, individual assessment of a civil servant, stress management technologies, interpersonal perception, verbal and non-verbal communication, the technology of business conversations and meetings, methods and methods of negotiation, conflict and behavior strategies, value orientations of a civil servant.

Specific technologies aimed at optimizing business interaction, developing the communicative competence of managers and specialists are described. For students of the system of additional education for adults, civil servants, university teachers, students and practitioners.

Business communications "in Russian". Lecture 2

Modern Russian tradition in business communication General content of the lecture (part two): 1. Business correspondence 2. Interview 3. Dispute and discussion 4. Business conversation 5. Negotiations 6. Business process 7. Presentation 8. Press conference 9.

Marketing management. Business communication marketer

The book is dedicated to marketing management and business communication of a marketer. It details strategic marketing management, situational analysis, marketing management information support, the value of information in the marketing management process, information and management process, marketing information requirements, and marketing information system (MIS).

Separately, the book examines professional communication in marketing, the success factors of such communication and its means. In addition, it tells about the perception of a business partner in communication, communication skills, the role of communicative qualities in business communication, speech etiquette, ethics of business conversations and negotiations, prevention and resolution of conflicts, as well as control of marketing activities.

Psychology of business communication

This is the last book of Professor Evgeny Pavlovich Ilyin. It is devoted to the main issues and problems of business communication, special attention is paid to service contacts, building relationships between superiors and subordinates, as well as between subordinates. The work considers in detail the most rational ways of communication between people in an office setting - direct contacts and telephone conversations.

The features of leadership styles, industrial conflicts, business conversations and meetings are described. The publication is intended for psychologists, educators, sociologists, businessmen, managers of all levels, specialists in interpersonal relations, as well as for students of university departments of the relevant profiles.

The manual is intended for students of non-philological universities who have studied the basics of speech culture and further improve their speech skills. Particular attention in the manual is paid to the question-answer form of communication and business rhetoric, that is, the ability to negotiate, incl.

h. telephone, maintain a business conversation, make a presentation, etc. The manual includes lecture notes, control tasks, guidelines for their implementation and a glossary on the discipline.

The main characteristics of business communications, factors of the effectiveness of interpersonal communication, forms of oral business communication (negotiations, conversation, meeting, talking on the phone, business dispute, public speaking), features of written business communication and types of documents are considered.

Considerable attention is paid to ethics of business relations, issues of moral and social responsibility of business people, psychological foundations of communication, problems of intercultural communication. Complies with the current Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Education of the New Generation.

For undergraduate students studying in the areas of training "State Municipal Administration", "Management", "Economics", as well as specialists from authorities, managers and entrepreneurs.

I'm writing to you. Business and personal letters in English and Russian

The book "I am writing to you ..." is an indispensable assistant for all readers who conduct business correspondence in English and Russian, are going on a trip or a business trip abroad, and are looking for a job. The content of the book and the given Constructor of letters allows the reader with minimal basic knowledge of the English language to write a letter of any complexity on the main business issues, to draw up a winning resume.

A short phrasebook will help to conduct and maintain a conversation on any business and personal topics, not to get lost in an English-speaking environment. Useful little things, such as tables of verbs and prefixes, measures and weights, associative tables of "irregular" verbs, will avoid confusion not only in grammar, but also in various everyday situations.

Conversation as a technique of the negotiation process

This book tells about professional communication in the field of management, about its tricks and tricks. Business communication takes up most of the manager's working time. The ability to communicate constructively is the most important characteristic of a manager's professionalism.

This is a complex multidimensional process of contacts between people in the official sphere ...

Communication in the activities of the manager

In modern conditions, there is a high demand on the labor market for managerial specialists of different levels. The success of the company directly depends on the level of professional training and personal qualities of the manager. The book is devoted to communication in the activities of a manager. It tells in detail about the manager's sociability, business conversation, public speeches of the manager, business meetings and meetings, business negotiations, the technique of the negotiation process, maintaining the manager's image in disputes and conflicts, as well as about the features of international partnership.

Le Fran? Ais des Affaires. Business French

This manual is a collection of exercises, texts, documents for the course of business French. The aim of the manual is not only to develop the skills of competently writing business letters and conducting a conversation in business French, but also to understand the problems outlined in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as the practice of interpretation and translation from Russian into French.

For students of higher, secondary and specialized educational institutions, translators and people who speak French. It can be used both for self-study and for conducting special courses in business French.

Organizational and documentary support for the activities of the head

The textbook examines the organization of the work of two main blocks in the activities of any secretary, regardless of the organizational and legal and form of ownership of the enterprise, the institution in which he works. The first block is documentation support, covering the documentation of management activities at all levels of management, in all industries and spheres of activity, as well as the organization of work with documents.

The second block is represented by the administrative and organizational activities of the secretary of the head: • Organization of reception of visitors and citizens • Preparation and conduct of business conversations, meetings, negotiations, meetings, official receptions, as well as other etiquette situations and issues.

It also discusses the issues of employment and adaptation of the secretary to a new workplace. The textbook is written on the basis of the requirements of legislative and regulatory and methodological acts, as well as the curriculum. The manual is intended for students in the field of training 46.

03. 02 "Documentation and archival science".Qualification (degree) of the graduate - bachelor. This publication can be used in the work, first of all, of the secretaries of managers, as well as all employees related to working with management documents and ensuring the activities of the manager.

Russian language. A culture of speech. Business conversation

The characteristic of the modern Russian language and its functional styles is given, various aspects of the culture of speech (normative, communicative, ethical), the main genres of oral business communication (conversation, negotiation, meeting, telephone conversation) are considered, the basics of oratory and polemical skill are outlined.

Considerable attention is paid to the effectiveness of written business communication. For non-philological bachelors. It can be used in refresher courses for management personnel, managers and entrepreneurs, and will also be useful to everyone for whom the Russian language is a means of professional activity.

How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Larry King, one of the most famous people in the United States, the host of the popular CNN talk show, shares with listeners the secrets of his success. Practical advice from a renowned master of communication can help you build self-confidence and relieve yourself of constraint forever in any situation - whether you're speaking in a meeting, in a job interview, negotiating, interviewing, or just chatting with strangers.

According to the master, “talking is not torture, but pleasure,” the ability to speak well is the key to success both in politics and in business. Introduction: We All Need to Talk Conversation My Infamous Debut Honesty The Remaining Ingredients of the Success Formula First Steps How to Get Started Avoid Hard Questions Key Rule: Listen Sign Language Eye Contact Where have all the taboos gone? Small talk Cocktails Dinner parties How to direct the conversation Find out the opinion of others Help the shyest person in the audience Do not pull the conversation over to yourself Do not give the interlocutor an addiction "What if ..." Take into account the situation Talking with people of the opposite sex Family celebrations - from weddings to funerals Eight things in common with all good conversationalists Common features of all good conversationalists A new perspective on things Expand your horizons Enthusiasm Don't just talk about yourself Be curious Learn to empathize Demonstrate a sense of humor Your individual style One final thought: shut up on time Buzzwords and Political Correctness ... Stamps Buzzwords Dummy Words How to Get Rid of Bad Speech Habits Missing Words Political Correctness Business Conversation Business Fundamentals The Art of Selling Job Interviews Openness Preparation Ask! If you are an employer How to talk to your boss How to talk to subordinates.

.. How an assistant can help How to conduct business negotiations .. The Bob Wolfe Code Meetings Presentations The Stengel System, or The Art of Fogging My Studio's Best and Worst Guests, and Why They Are What Makes a Good Guest My Best Guests Harry Truman Ted Williams Richard Nixon Adley Stevenson Robert Kennedy Mario Cuomo Billy Graham Michael Milken DannyKay Roseanne Arnold My Worst Guests Lapsus and How to Survive Them Boneless Tongue Sometimes Fails How not to get hung up on lapsus Don't worry and keep going HR-r-r What am I supposed to do? How to give speeches My first public speaking at the age of thirteen Boy Scout Principle Preparation Practical Cases Other Tips Humor Communication is the art of the possible How,again? Additional Notes on Public Speaking Get to know your audience Conversely Against the grain Brevity is the sister of talent Keep it simple Invite Yohji Beru Violent and unusual punishment - how to survive on TV and radio My approach to communication on the air If you are a victim Additional weapon in your arsenal Stay in the know Avoid thinking about the bad Work on your voice and appearance How to work with the press: a classic case Sense of humor and its absence Television debate between Gore and Perot ... The future of the art of communication ... The future is not what it used to be Is the art of conversation outdated Final word.

Are you hesitant to buy a cottage or not? Thinking about the question: "Can you get rich growing berries, fruits and vegetables?" Our book will help you resolve these doubts. It contains chapters that describe in detail how from an ordinary, unremarkable suburban area you can make a magnificent fragrant flower garden, as well as a real mushroom plantation.

In the book "Business in the Country" you will find tips for preparing seeds, growing seedlings of vegetables (tomato, cabbage, pepper), cuttings of fruit and berry crops (gooseberry, plum, apple). You will learn how to store, transport fruits, berries, vegetables, as well as how to prepare healthy dry foods from them.

The harvested crop can be successfully sold by concluding an agreement with one of the grocery stores. A separate (last chapter) is devoted to all those who rightly believe that the dacha is intended not only for recreation, but also for business conversations. All of the above is one hundredth of what is contained in our book.

After reading it, you will probably seriously think about the more rational use of your summer cottage.

Business English Course

The manual is compiled taking into account the requirements of the Russian state educational standards of the new generation. It is aimed at the formation and development of skills and abilities of all types of reading, abstracting, annotating, conducting conversations and presentations of varying complexity.

Based on topics that are interesting and relevant to today's youth. The manual is intended for university students, course students, businessmen, top managers seeking to master business English.

Think and prosper. 17 rules for success and wealth

With the ideas behind this book, thousands of hyper-successful businesses have been built and millions of dollars in fortune earned. To write it, Napoleon Hill, in agreement with the legendary American industrialist Andrew Carngey, conducted about 500 interviews with very successful people.

Among them: • Franklin Roosevelt, • Henry Ford, • John Rockefeller, • Thomas Edison, • William Wrigley and others. In conversations with these giants of American business, the author formulated 17 laws of wealth and prosperity. By following them, you can forever get rid of the fear of defeat, learn to overcome difficulties and maintain the highest efficiency.

Easy to speak! How to be a pleasant conversationalist with confidence and ease

Carol Fleming, a specialist in communication skills, talks about the hard art of idle conversation. We are not used to taking seriously conversations "about nature and weather", but meanwhile, they serve as the foundation for building relationships - both personal and professional.

Unfortunately, not all of us have oratorical skills, many fall into a stupor and cannot connect two words. The book will help solve this problem once and for all. For everyone who wants to have an idle conversation in an easy and casual manner, as well as for those who have difficulties in communication.

Published in Russian for the first time.

How to earn more. 18 lessons in making money

Can an ordinary person become rich and famous? A beggar Scottish émigré, Andrew Carnegie, went from a one dollar a week handyman to a great industrialist. He discovered the formula for success that brought him a fortune! Long conversations between Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie about how to set goals and achieve what you want are embodied in the bestseller Think and Grow Rich.

But “Think and Grow Rich” is just the foundation, the most important thoughts about prosperity. Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill much more. And now you have the opportunity to read the full transcript of those famous conversations. In vivid and accurate language, Hill describes the principles on which the success of all wealthy people is based.

This is not just a story about how Carnegie made his fortune. You will find a real REVELATION on how to attract MONEY, LUCK and PROSPERITY into your life. Read this book, ponder the questions asked by Napoleon Hill and the answers given by Andrew Carnegie, and you will find ready-made solutions to your problems.

Rock presentation: how to add passion and expression to your performance

Each of us has to go out to the public from time to time to convey our ideas to it. This could be a pitch, presentation, workshop, or boss talk. Add rock to your performances - make them dynamic and memorable! Nigel Barlow, a leading global expert in innovation, has developed an original method of attracting and retaining attention: a few well-adjusted bright chords - and now the audience is tuned to the right wavelength and ready to catch your every word.

And now it's time to "rock"! “The book is addressed to those who present their ideas and want the audience to assimilate these ideas as best they can. Speakers, businessmen, lecturers, teachers and specialists who need to convey some information, some considerations - that's who I was thinking about when I wrote it.

Music can teach us a lot - how to influence emotions. We can apply this knowledge and make our speech more incendiary. " (Nigel Barlow).

Team potential. How to maximize teamwork efficiency

Over time, any team loses its effectiveness: initiative gives way to routine, the level of involvement and mutual support decreases, and the overall goal ceases to be such. Organizations have to deal with this problem all the time. The authors of the book, drawing on 15 years of experience with teams, have developed a structured and understandable model, a proven practice method, which allows you to systematically build teamwork.

They investigated 14 factors of team effectiveness - qualities that enable them to perform and collaborate - and created a reproducible work model based on the principles of team coaching. The book examines the competencies of the team coach and related skills, provides exercises, examples of dialogues and conversations, leading to reassessment of work and new team norms.

The authoring model is already used by thousands of teams around the world to help them achieve real business results and build teams of passionate people by unleashing their potential.

This is the fourth edition of one of the most popular coaching books in the world. For over 20 years, it has served as a reference guide for coaches from all over the world. Its authors, the pioneers of coaching, have created a unique system - coactive coaching, which can be applied both in professional and in everyday life.

The flexible model of coactive coaching has stood the test of time as a transformative way of communication. It allows you to set up effective and fruitful interaction with people, create a more flexible organizational culture or partnerships.

The authors share their rich experience in applying a coactive approach to strengthen leadership positions and personal development.The book contains examples of conversations from the practice of thousands of coaches and their mentees, a comprehensive set of coaching skills and tools, useful tips, and exercises to consolidate knowledge.

It is intended for professional coaches, heads of organizations, as well as anyone who intends to qualitatively improve their communication with other people.

One of the most famous humorists in world literature, O. Henry created a unique panorama of American life at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, in grotesque situations conveyed the contrasts and paradoxes of his era, which opened up space for people with a business acumen, whom the game of chance then elevates to the pinnacle of success , then casts down to the very bottom of life.

“I have two or three acquaintances of editors, to whom, if I like, I can drop by right now to chat about literary topics. It used to happen that they called me in for a conversation on literary topics. It is not the same. So, they told me that a considerable part of the manuscripts that come to the editorial office have a postscript from the author, where he swears that his work is "taken from life."

The further fate of such a manuscript depends only on whether a postage stamp is attached to it or not. If attached, the manuscript goes back to the author ... ”.

Belt of infidelity. Threesome romance

Are you sure there are only two people talking in your bed? An unexpected literary duet of a Samara writer, “the author of women's novels in a non-standard performance,” and a St. Petersburg editor of a business magazine, an author of tough and completely unfeminine books.

“Talking in bed is the best thing you can imagine,” says Apreleva. “Any conversation, even chatter at the coffee machine in the office, is a collision of two principles, male and female. Even if two girls are talking, ”Yegorov is convinced. Three of us in two voices about love.

A story of infidelity and its consequences.

I want to speak beautifully! Communication techniques

ROM Natalia - professional business trainer, practical psychologist, host of open and corporate trainings and seminars. Training topics: art of public speech, psychology of influence, manipulation and protection, mastery of business and interpersonal communication, image formation and personal growth trainings.

WHAT to answer to the interlocutor to keep the conversation going? WHAT to say and what words to pronounce in order to reach mutual understanding? WHAT to answer to avoid conflict and manipulation? The question "WHAT to say?" - is, if not the main problem of dialogue, then, in any case, one of the first.

But all the questions WHAT are the answers! You just need to listen carefully and write down the phrases, expressions and techniques presented in the training in order to successfully use them in everyday life. Then you can easily reach mutual understanding. People around you will say that you are a great conversationalist.

You will be able to confidently speak in front of an audience or give a congratulatory speech at a corporate evening. The main condition: try to immediately apply all phrases in everyday communication. It is necessary to ensure that the presented techniques become a habit and firmly rooted in the vocabulary.

It just takes practice and time. And remember, in order to be known as a sociable person, you need to learn how to form a good impression of yourself from the first minutes of the conversation. Your first words are just as important as your appearance. These two components instantly form an opinion about a person that will remain forever!

Book Industry # 02 (March) 2011

The topic of the issue is “Pricing Strategies. Finding a Reasonable Balance Between Profit and Client Desire ”. What is the price of a printed book in the current book market, what factors determine its dynamics, how do publishers and booksellers see it, what, in fact, is the reason for the debates, disagreements and mutual claims of producers and intermediaries in the modern book market in Russia? These topical issues became the subject of discussion at the virtual round table organized by the editorial board of "KI".

The section "Person of the Number" presents an interview with Mikhail Viktorovich Ivantsov, General Director of one of the leading bookselling chains in Russia, "New Book - Bukvoed". In the opinion of the editorial board of "KI", this interview against the background of the same type of pessimism of reports on the drop in sales will be of interest to everyone whose profession is connected with the book business.

Read the conversation with Mikhail Yuryevich Kozhevnikov, Commercial Director of the Prosveshchenie and Drofa publishing houses, in the "Close-up" section. This interview will help to dispel doubts, to find out what exactly will change in the partnership between booksellers and the two publishing houses, represented today in one person, what are the main vectors of the new alliance's trade policy.

The first shop under the Know-ka brand will open in Moscow in March. And today from the pages of "KI" to the questions that have become popular thanks to the television quiz - What? Where? When? - answers the commercial director of the bookstore Svetlana Makarova. This material is presented under the heading "Book Trade Workshop".

The rubric is continued by an article devoted to the problem of inventory management in a bookstore with the involvement of foreign (UK) speakers. We invite you to familiarize yourself not only with the digest of the main ideas and recommendations of UK experts, but also with the experience of two large Russian retailers, focusing on the key problems and those solutions that are used in Russian practice.

In the "Market Analytics" rubric, sales ratings for the period from January 16 to February 15, 2011 are published in four areas: entertainment literature for adults, children's literature, business literature, education and science. The "Region" section provides an analysis of the main publishing and bookselling companies in Lipetsk.

Problems and prospects of book publishing in the Ural region are covered by the material of the heading "Regional book publishing". In the "E-book" section, read a publication about modern printing technologies at universities, as well as about the capabilities of the Xerox printing complex and the use of the print-on-demand function.

The material under the heading "Abroad" is devoted to the impact of digital technologies on the book industry, the pricing of paper and e-books. The topic continues with an article following the results of The Digital Book World conference held in New York in January, where professionals shared examples of digital solutions.

Successful dating rules for girls

The book of the famous specialist in etiquette Elena Vos, the author of the books “The Real Lady. Rules of good manners and style "," Young lady. Rules of good manners and style for girls "," A real gentleman. Rules of modern etiquette for men "," Business etiquette ", will help you to become self-confident and build a happy relationship: to behave correctly when meeting a man (club, office, cafe, Internet) to please at first sight (clothes, hairstyle, accessories, perfume, makeup) to behave impeccably on a date (conversation, facial expressions, gestures, signs of attention) to avoid annoying mistakes and possible dangers of meeting a worthy man and becoming the only one for him.

Kamasutra of communication. The magic of words and gestures

ROM Natalia - professional business trainer, practical psychologist, host of open and corporate trainings and seminars. Training topics: art of public speech, psychology of influence, manipulation and protection, mastery of business and interpersonal communication, image formation and personal growth trainings.

How to skillfully start and maintain a conversation? How to "talk" the interlocutor and convince him of his innocence? How to make an appropriate compliment? How to properly respond to criticism and resist manipulation and verbal attacks? How to win over a person using movements, postures, gestures and facial expressions? How to find the right intonation and tone of voice? Natalia Rom's authoring training is a practical guide to effective communication,which will help you establish your personal life and allow you to move up the career ladder.

You will learn how to convince your clients, boss, subordinates, will be able to make new business contacts and quickly solve tasks. You will easily begin to get acquainted with people of the opposite sex, achieve mutual understanding with family and friends.

You will learn to communicate and you will get real pleasure from the very process of communication!

Thirty minutes at gunpoint

Private detective Tatyana Ivanova is invited by an important official, whose young wife was brutally murdered recently. Well, Tanya investigated more than a dozen of such cases. But the client's attitude to her is very peculiar: the detective got a scolding for a minute late to the meeting, and the conversation went somehow crumpled - the business man was in a hurry to start the next meeting and literally shoved Ivanova out the door.

What is it? Fanatical punctuality or a desire to get rid of her first-class services as soon as possible? Or maybe the presumptuous pedant himself has a stigma in the gun?

How to speak and behave in England (+ CD)

With this book you will know the most important rules of English etiquette, customs and traditions of the British, what the most common gestures of the British mean, what is customary to give and speak in connection with various events! You will learn to communicate in "live" spoken English, namely: to get acquainted, to maintain a conversation when meeting, book a hotel room, rent a room / apartment / house, order food in a restaurant, buy tickets to a theater or museum, use public transport or rent a car and much more! For those who are going on a tourist or business trip to England, they know the basics of the English language, but do not have the practice of communicating with the British.

Book Industry # 01 (January-February) 2011

The theme of the issue is “Cream of the Book Industry 2010”. We presented the cream of the book industry, skimmed according to the results of the industry survey, the best that 2010 was remembered by the book professionals. The results were determined in the following nominations: "Person of the Year in the Book Business - 2010", "Pride and Disappointment - 2010", "Best Project - 2010", "Party (Book Session) - 2010", "Professional Association - 2010", "Initiative - 2010 ".

What did the past 2010 remember for the scribes? Its results on the pages of the magazine are summed up by the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Mikhail Vadimovich Seslavinsky in the heading "Person of the issue". The "Close-up" section presents an interview with Vyacheslav Rashitovich Avyazov, General Director of "Accord-Post", who talks about the company's development strategy, areas of activity and plans for the future.

In the same section, read the conversation with Vasily Terletsky, General Director of the Russian Copyright Society "KOPIRUS" and the head of the Copyright Internet portal. ru. The interview is devoted to the draft legislation of the IV part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the introduction of ISTC codes in the territory of the Russian Federation.

An interview dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the ProdLit book trade company, one of the largest regional book companies in Russia, is published in the “Anniversary” section. The general director of the company Vadim Yurievich Perevoznikov tells about the stages of the traversed path.

The heading “Exhibitions. Conference "is dedicated to the results of the Twelfth International Fair of Intellectual Literature Non / fiction, as well as the results of two conferences: the II All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference" Libraries, Publishing Houses, Book Trade and the Media: Impact on the Reading Circle "and the IV All-Russian Conference" National Program for Support and Development readings: results and perspectives ”.

The analysis of the linguistic dictionaries market is presented in the "Market Analytics" section. In the same section, the sales ratings for the period from December 1 to December 30, 2010 are published in four areas: entertainment literature for adults, children's literature, business literature, education and science.

The "Region" section provides an analysis of the main publishing and bookselling companies in Kemerovo. In the "E-book" section, a material was published on the results and prospects of the e-book market development (based on the results of round tables and conferences held in the framework of Non / fiction).

Electronic technologies are rapidly changing the paradigm of the existence of publishers and libraries in modern society. It is not surprising that the "electronic" topic became dominant in an interview with the General Director of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Chairman of the International Conference "Crimea" Yakov Leonidovich Shraiberg.

The text of the conversation was published in the "Libraries" section. The rubric is continued by the article "Electronic auctions: step by step". Olga Ro, the editor of the “Abroad” column, reflects on the ways of development of the book industry in 2011. Published material on the implementation of EOTR, as well as the prospects for the product of the company Nielsen Book on the Russian book market.

A tale of a strange fate

“The young man, with a businesslike and dry face, said:“ We have been talking for an hour, and you don’t even suspect that I met you before, long ago, several years ago. - Where was it? - In Samara. Look at me…".

I want to speak beautifully! Speech techniques. Communication techniques

Speech Techniques HOW to learn to control your speech? HOW to make your speech bright and expressive? HOW to learn to speak beautifully? To speak beautifully means to speak convincingly, logically, with good diction and intonation. Everyone wants to say that. But many of us speak poorly.

Why? Because speech and voice need to be worked on. A well-placed voice, clear and correct speech is the key to successful communication. Because the voice has a very strong influence not only on the mind, but also on the feelings of the interlocutor. This is the tool with which you can enhance the meaning of what was said.

By owning your voice, you can stir people up or put them to sleep, charm or alienate them. This is why there is so much emphasis on speech in the business world today. You, of course, can go to public speaking courses, take private lessons in voice and speech production from teachers of theatrical universities.

Or you can just listen to this training and independently develop your voice and work on your speech. The author demonstrates speech exercises that are easy to repeat. Through training and practice, you will greatly improve your voice and speech. Remember, your voice is as important as your appearance and manner! Communication techniques WHAT to answer to the interlocutor to keep the conversation going? WHAT to say and what words to pronounce in order to reach mutual understanding? WHAT to answer to avoid conflict and manipulation? The question "WHAT to say?" - is, if not the main problem of dialogue, then, in any case, one of the first.

But all the questions WHAT are the answers! You just need to listen carefully and write down the phrases, expressions and techniques presented in the training in order to successfully use them in everyday life. Then you can easily reach mutual understanding. People around you will say that you are a great conversationalist.

You will be able to confidently speak in front of an audience or give a congratulatory speech at a corporate evening. The main condition: try to apply all phrases at once in everyday communication. It is necessary to ensure that the presented techniques become a habit and firmly rooted in the vocabulary.

It just takes practice and time. And remember, in order to be known as a sociable person, you need to learn how to form a good impression of yourself from the first minutes of the conversation. Your first words are just as important as your appearance. These two components instantly form an opinion about a person that will remain forever!

The first issue of Business Magazine in 2016 is a special issue devoted to regional issues - “Regionomics: Challenges and Growth Points”. The previous drivers of regional development that have been working over the past ten years (government investments in the implementation of large-scale projects, resource rent converted into an increase in consumer demand, etc.)

in the current economic situation are gradually fading into the background.The first is the quality of regional management and the strategy of economic development of the territory. What are the results of 2015 for the subjects of the federation? In the special issue "Business Journal" presents the "General yardstick" by which Russia can be measured - all the most authoritative ratings of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation of the last year, presented in one convenient table.

With its help, it is possible to compile a complete picture of the situation in Russian regions, taking into account such parameters as the effectiveness of regional management, investment attractiveness, innovative development, support for small and medium-sized businesses, etc. One of the most famous Russian regional experts Natalya Zubarevich discusses the prospects in the issue regions in 2016 and growth opportunities in the face of high debt burden and shrinking transfers from the federal budget.

Another plot of the issue is technoparks, which since 2006 have been actively created throughout the country with financial support from the state and were supposed to turn into growth points for regional economies, but in fact they often became nothing more than Potemkin villages.

Since January 18, the journal has been available through all distribution channels (http: // / circulation /). Verbal portrait of 2015 According to the frequency analysis of publications in the business media, the main words around which the political and economic agenda of Russia was built in the past year were “ban”, “oil”, “crisis” and “sanctions”.

Business Journal and Medialogia have compiled a portrait of the past year in key words and statements. Regions are taking time out The potential of new incentives for the development of Russian regions, created by the devaluation of the ruble and import substitution, is still emerging.

How the regions are adapting to new economic realities - in the review of an expert from the RAEX rating agency Anna Stolbova. Postponed problems In the context of a deteriorating economic environment, the experience of its governor is becoming the most important factor affecting the effectiveness of regional governance.

Rostislav Turovsky, professor at the HSE Faculty of Social Sciences, shares his observations on the role of the individual at the regional level of power. On the debt needle The political and economic structure built in Russia since the mid-2000s and the system of redistribution of income between the budgets of various levels made the constituent entities of the Russian Federation heavily dependent on the federal center and its “redistributing” decisions.

Over the past 5-6 years, many regions have been actively covering the budget deficit by borrowing. Should we expect regional defaults in 2016? Technobooms A real boom in the construction of technoparks began in Russia in 2006, when the state, through a number of departmental programs, began to allocate money for this.

At the end of 2015, 179 such sites were opened throughout Russia. True, at the very least, there will be a little more than three dozen that meet the standards. What should a technopark look like to become a growth point for the regional economy? What you need mono There are 319 mono-cities in Russia.

A third of these once-thriving industrial centers are now in decline: production is shutting down, infrastructure is deteriorating, and residents are out of work. About why it is cheaper to develop a single-industry town than to close it, Business-Journal talks with Ilya Krivogov, General Director of the Foundation for the Development of Single-Industry Towns.

Objects and subjects Commercial real estate development is a market with great inertia. The sharp deceleration of the Russian economy in 2015 has not yet fully affected some of its segments: objects, the construction of which started by developers a few years ago, continue to be put into circulation.

Kamasutra of communication. The magic of words and gestures

How to skillfully start and maintain a conversation? How to "talk" the interlocutor and convince him of his innocence? How to make an appropriate compliment? How to properly respond to criticism and resist manipulation and verbal attacks? How to win over a person using movements, postures, gestures and facial expressions? How to find the right intonation and tone of voice? Natalia Rom's authoring training is a practical guide to effective communication that will help you establish your personal life and allow you to move up the career ladder.

You will learn how to convince your clients, boss, subordinates, you will be able to make new business contacts and quickly solve tasks. You will easily begin to get to know people of the opposite sex, achieve mutual understanding with family and friends.

You will learn to communicate and you will get real pleasure from the communication process itself!

How to talk to anyone and anything. Psychology of successful communication. Efficient communication technologies

Have you ever admired those lucky people who seem to have everything you can dream of? Have you seen how confident they are at business meetings and chatting at parties? They have the most interesting work, the most beautiful companions or companions, the coolest friends.

But wait! Many of them are no smarter than you. The secret of their success boils down to one thing: successful people are more adept at communicating with those around them. This book will introduce you to the techniques of effective and successful communication from the arsenal of successful people, so that you can achieve excellence in the game called life, and get what you want in it.

You will get acquainted with the peculiarities of communication in any situations of everyday life: at business meetings, at a party, at receptions and at parties and you will learn: • how to make even a small conversation a big event • how to establish contact with an interlocutor and make an indelible first impression on him • how to learn strike up conversations - and have successful relationships - with strangers you want to make part of your life • how to communicate effectively with coworkers, work colleagues and business partners • how to learn small talk and keep up a conversation on any topic • how to get your name on it “ your person ”in any company and learn how to communicate easily and naturally with any person • what are the features of communication on the phone and what special techniques should be used in telephone conversations and much, much more ...

Book Industry # 05 (June) 2011

The theme of the issue is “Electronic Resources for Libraries: A New Look at the Dialectics of Quantity and Quality”. The main topic for discussion was the problems associated with the creation of high-quality electronic library systems. Today, the choice of an educational institution's library is not limited to one partner.

An average university, as a rule, is subscribed to several resources at once, eventually closing its own list of disciplines with the total collected digital content. Librarians' verdict: none of the existing third-party electronic resources is able to fully meet the requirements of a serious university.

In this regard, the editorial board of "KI" considered it necessary to organize a virtual round table, at which specialists could share their experience and express their opinion on the main problems of access to modern knowledge in electronic form. "The man of the number" - director of the bookstore "Falanster" Boris Kupriyanov.

The nine-year experience of Falanster has proved that despite all the difficulties, the existence of a normal bookstore in Russia is possible. To return reading to everyday life, to restore communication between a person and a book are not simple words. For Boris Kupriyanov and the Falanster team, this is the main work of life.

The topic of promoting a Russian book to the West was the subject of a conversation with Denis Kotov, general director of the Bukvoed network. Will Russian literature be able to avoid the mistakes of Russian show business and build objective institutions for the replenishment and rotation of texts that adequately represent Russia on the world market? - read in an interview with D.

Kotov under the heading "Close-up". "Online Marketing: Business Game or Business Game?" - this is the title of the "Electronic Book" heading. Along with traditional advertising on the Internet, social media marketing (SMM) is gaining popularity.

This is a set of measures aimed at attracting the attention of buyers to a product, work or service. This section describes the main methods of SMM to stimulate sales. The fate of Top-Kniga is of concern to most players in the book market today. There are several global issues on the agenda: the reasons for what is happening, the level of losses and the consequences for the book market in the event of a worst-case scenario, and, finally, a purely personal question about actions to resolve the situation for “close” partners of Top-Kniga.

All of these issues are discussed in the Point of View section. The "Region" section provides an analysis of the main publishing and bookselling companies in Smolensk. Problems and prospects of book publishing in Yakutia are covered by the material of the heading "Regional book publishing". How to attract customers to the store, what should a modern bookstore do to get people interested in reading? Svetlana Korotkova, director of "Uchebnaya i Delovaya Kniga" LLC, discusses this and many other things under the heading "Book Trade Workshop".

For a detailed report on the main trends in the Russian market for adult fiction, see the "Market Analytics" section. The rubric is continued by the sales ratings in the period from April 16 to May 15, 2011 in four areas: entertainment (fiction) literature for adults, children's literature, business literature (excluding codes and laws), education and science.

TV Petrusenko and IV Eidemiller under the heading "Libraries" highlight the current changes in Law No. 94-FZ, set out the concepts of the FAS Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. Under the heading “Exhibitions. Conferences ”published the end of the story about the journey of the“ Guild of Scribes ”to London.

Galina Zinkovich, Viktor Nikonorov, Tatyana Larina, Natalya Kamenskaya, Suzanna Mkrtycheva share their impressions of the trip. Read about the state of book publishing and book distribution in Great Britain, the Blackwell’s book distribution network, the independent Foyles store, the Daunt books specialty store - read in the Overseas section.

This book introduces to the Russian reader the first persons of domestic business - the owners or managers of the largest enterprises in various industries. In conversations with journalists of the publishing house "Kommersant" they talk about their business, plans for the development of their companies, set out their views on the state of affairs and prospects of the industry as a whole.

Each story is accompanied by brief information about the leader and his company, as well as a chronicle of its business activity.

Learn to manipulate men or die

Marina Arzhilovskaya is not only a writer who presented young readers with the fairytale novel "Secrets of the Old Attic", fairy tales "The Golden Dove", "White Rose and the Blackbird", "Miracle Mill", but also an outstanding journalist. We could see or read her interviews, for example, on the RBK-TV channel, Vedomosti and Kommersant newspapers, and hear on Vesti FM radio.

Interviewing is a complex process of communication, when already in the first seconds you have to win over a person so much that he will be ready to answer you any, even not the most pleasant, questions, as well as fully engage in the conversation, sometimes telling very personal things.

After reading this book, you will learn how to manipulate dialogue and interlocutors the way you want it. Whether you have an affair, friendship or even a business relationship ...

Interview with staff, 14 basic situations

"Cheat sheets for managers" are your "pocket consultants" in solving various problems of business and everyday life. Nothing superfluous - only the most important thing! Interviews with employees are an integral part of any manager's job. When you hire or fire staff, delegate authority, resolve problems - you cannot do without personal conversation.

How to find an approach to a person? How can you make your conversation effective? In this brochure you will find answers to all your questions.

How to speak and behave in Italy (+ CD)

With this book you will know the most important rules of Italian etiquette, customs and traditions of Italians, what the most common gestures mean, what is customary to give and speak in connection with various events! You will learn how to communicate in "live" spoken Italian, namely: to get acquainted, to maintain a conversation when meeting, to thank, apologize, make a request and answer it, behave as a guest and receive guests, book a hotel room, rent a room / apartment / home, order food at a restaurant, use public transport, rent a car, write a business letter, answer a phone call and much more.

The book is accompanied by an audio disc recorded by a native speaker and containing the most necessary phrases and sample dialogues typical for different communication situations.

Markets of the future: food 2. 0. Humanity has always been very creative about food. All innovations in this area boiled down to three things: come up with something else to satisfy hunger, invent a new way of producing food, and, finally, learn how to distribute food in a new way.

In what direction should we expect a new breakthrough? Rural fantasy. Is it possible to design an agricultural system that will require less and less human labor, while feeding an increasing population? The founder of the Forest Gardens cooperative, Georgy Afanasyev, is trying to do just that.

Elementary particles. A new type of players may appear on the food market - “ration operators”. The startup Elementaree expects to be the first of its kind. Originally from the industry. Alexey Komissarov has already built his own plant. And now, in the civil service, in the position of the head of the Industrial Development Fund, he helps others to do this.

How much are preferential loans? A special relationship. Legislators tried to give their answer to the decline in investment in fixed assets: since July 2015, special investment contracts - a new form of relations between the investor and the government - have been introduced into business in Russia. What kind of tool? Lego collectors.

Business editor of the issue Vadim Mazov - about where engineering has gone in Russia and why the industry cannot do without system integrators. Croc's system. McDonald's business in Russia has finally become like a three-legged stool. Business Journal talks to the president of McDonald's in Russia, Khamzat Khasbulatov, about why this is great.

Children are busy. A new entertainment format is marching across Russia - children's parks of professions. It turns out that you can earn money on vocational guidance of children. Caviar of thought. Can roasted sunflower seeds be turned into a premium product? Marketer Stanislav Kaufman came up with the "Sunflower Caviar" brand at his leisure, and then undertook to build a business on its basis.

The short-sighted market. The “expert” Anatoly Wasserman reflects in his column about why far-sighted people often lose in market conditions. Visa-free zone. The weakening of the ruble has forced Russians to take a closer look at leisure opportunities in Russia. The Altai Territory is among the first contenders for the title of Russian tourist Mecca: the authorities here took up the transport infrastructure, and the promotion, and "modernization" of local recreation in time.

Rating of business schools. In the fall, business schools begin a new academic year. And managers and entrepreneurs choose where to go to study and whether it is worth doing it at all. To make it easier to choose them, "Business Journal" for the first time presents a rating of the best Russian MBA programs.

Reputation masters. The TOP-COMM rating, which is calculated by the Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia, clearly demonstrates that the owners and heads of companies pay tribute to corporate communications as a tool even in times of crisis.

Strong brand. The way job seekers and their own employees perceive the company is called the “employer brand”, or HR-brand.Once good reputations in the labor market developed spontaneously, in recent years, companies are increasingly trying to manage this process.

Without the right of registration. The fashion for apartments originated in Western Europe. However, in Russia, developers have creatively rethought this format. Is it worth investing in such premises? This is a non-banking business. The marginality of classical banking in Russia is steadily declining, so banks are constantly looking for new business models and sources of income.

And the main platform for experiments is the sale of non-banking products and services. Lightweight and business-like. Novelties in the segment of light commercial vehicles, which will be presented in Moscow at the COMTRANS / 15 International Freight Show. Grand piano in the back.

Business Journal selects a car for such a responsible business as a professional service for the transportation of pianos and pianos. Does the Volkswagen Crafter Kasten van fit?

We read together. Navigator in the world of books # 12 (53) 2010

The magazine “We read together. The Navigator in the World of Books ”was created to revive interest in reading and books, as a platform for promoting reading among adults and the younger generation. From the pages of the publication, readers will learn the latest information about book novelties, about the life and work of famous writers, about the history of famous books, news of the book world in Russia and abroad, exhibitions and fairs, projects in support of reading.

Read in this issue: Events. News. Dates Book in Russia Book in the world Person Leonid Yuzefovich about Mongolia, impostors and literature Moscow House of Books Yulia Sklyar. "Fur Tale" Let's read it? Prose Memoirs / Biographies Fiction History / Culture Philosophy / Religion Detective / Thriller Fiction / Fantasy Business book Housekeeping / Cooking Gift editions Sales rating Person and book Cornelia's Ink Tales: Conversation with Cornelia Funke Reading with her parents Marina Zubkova.

Our Snow Maiden Natalia Bogatyreva. "The Real Storyteller" Sofya Prokofieva Reading Without Parents Maria Poryadina. Talk about God History of words Olga Boguslavskaya. Sweet holiday - New Year History of famous quotes Konstantin Dushenko.

The boss is always right New items of the month Books of December From the history of famous books Oleg Fochkin. The Unfabulous Life of the Iron Rudyard.

Correct acquaintances. Networking without secrets

What is networking and how can you make it an effective and cost-effective tool to grow your business? This short book from AB Publishing lays out the basics of networking, as well as tips and tricks that will be useful not only in business networking, but also in everyday life.

How to become an interesting person and invent your own flavor? You can find answers to these and many other questions here. This book will help you take full advantage of networking and will allow you to adopt one of the most effective tools of modern business! © AB Publishing Introduction Chapter One.

Communication Skills Chapter Two. The Art of Small Talk Chapter Three. Where are interesting acquaintances found? Chapter four. How to establish business relationships correctly? Chapter five. Online networking - nowhere without it! Chapter six. Choose your social circle and appreciate randomness! Chapter seven.

Ten Commandments of Networking Chapter Eight. Be an interesting person yourself. Conclusion.

Book Industry # 10 (December) 2010

The theme of the issue is “2010: Leading Trends in the Book Market”. We bring to your attention the publication of the results of a general industry survey, in which several dozen bookselling and publishing enterprises of the Russian Federation took part, as well as presentations by leading experts on assessing the current and projected situation in the book market.

We hope that these data will make it possible to adequately approach the solution of pressing intra-industry problems.The heading "The man of the number" presents an interview with the editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Russian Political Encyclopedia" Andrei Konstantinovich Sorokin.

The conversation was about the implementation of a large-scale book project - the series "Library of Russian social thought from ancient times to the beginning of the XX century." "Legislative initiatives in the field of publishing and printing in the Russian Federation" - this was the topic of a round table organized by the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications.

In the "Close-up" section, the editorial board presents to the readers' judgment the main things that were not only discussed, but also quite likely will be implemented in legislative initiatives. The "Libraries" heading opens a series of articles by T. V. Petrusenko and I. V. Eidemiller devoted to the procedure for holding an auction in electronic format.

The analysis of the gift book market is presented in the "Market Analytics" section. In the same section, sales ratings for the period from October 16 to November 15 are published in four areas: entertainment literature for adults, children's literature, business literature, education and science.

“How to take books outside the Moscow Ring Road. Problems of book distribution in the provinces ”. This was the theme of the round table organized by the Knizhnoe Obozreniye newspaper. Read the materials under the heading "Exhibitions, conferences". The heading continues with an article on the results of the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair.

Within the framework of the conference "Actual problems of regional book publishing and acquisition of library funds", a master class was held by Boris Vladimirovich Lensky, professor, head of the book business department of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

Ivan Fedorov. An interview with BV Lensky is published in the section “Regional Book Publishing”. About the present day of the Krasnodar publishing house "Tradition", about cooperation with book-selling companies of the city and plans for the future - our conversation with the director of the publishing house Nadezhda Vitalievna Martynova.

In the “Region” section, the “KI” editors cover the book life of Orenburg. The Book Industry magazine joins in congratulations on its 80th anniversary, which are rightfully accepted by the staff of the Prosveshchenie publishing house. Conversation with General Director of the Publishing House "Prosveshchenie" Alexander Mikhailovich Kondakov under the heading "Anniversary".

Published congratulations and wishes from the representatives of the book industry in connection with the 10th anniversary of the "Guild of Scribes". The "E-book" section is devoted to the topic of electronic content, its types and formats, as well as the future of electronic publications. The heading "Abroad" tells about the specifics of the work of individual structural elements of the book industry in different European countries.

The director of the Boje publishing house Ulrich Störiko-Blume tells the readers about the German children's and youth literature market. Natasha Fairweather, deputy general director of the literary agency AP Watts, spoke about various aspects of the work of a literary agent.

The meeting was held within the framework of professional seminars for publishers “Know How!”.

Notes from a Beijing coffee shop. The subtleties of life and business in the Middle Kingdom

The book Notes from a Peking Coffee House was created in a genre that is unusual for Russian readers. Travelogue and business anthropology at the same time, it immerses us in the dynamic business atmosphere of China. The book's author Jonathan Geldart is the executive director of business development in China for the international audit and consulting network Grant Thornton.

He has lived and worked in Beijing for the past five years. The book is based on his informal conversations with businessmen, leaders of public opinion and ordinary residents of the Celestial Empire. The sincerity and openness of the author's interlocutors allow readers to penetrate into the peculiarities of communication between representatives of different cultures, and the variety of topics covered ensures the fascination of the story and deep immersion in the world of modern China.

How to speak and behave in France (+ MP3)

For those who are going on a tourist or business trip to France, knows the basics of the French language, but does not have the practice of communicating with the French. You will learn to communicate in "live" spoken French, namely: to get acquainted, to maintain a conversation when meeting, book a hotel room, rent a room / apartment / house, order food in a restaurant, buy tickets to a theater or museum, use public transport or rent a car and much more! You will know: the most important rules of French etiquette, customs and traditions of the French, what do the most common gestures of the French mean, what is customary to give and speak in connection with various events!

One of the most famous humorists in world literature, O. Henry created a unique panorama of American life at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, in grotesque situations conveyed the contrasts and paradoxes of his era, which opened up space for people with a business acumen, whom the game of chance then elevates to the pinnacle of success , then casts down to the very bottom of life.

“I saw my old friend, Deputy Sheriff Buck Caperton - stern, indomitable, all-seeing, tanned with a gun and spurs - walked into the back room of the courthouse and, clinking the wheels of his spurs, sank into a chair. And since there was not a soul in court at that hour, and Buck could sometimes tell something that did not get into print, I followed him and, being aware of one of his little weaknesses, I involved him in conversation.

The fact is that rolls rolled from maize husks were sweeter than honey for Buck, and although he could instantly and with great dexterity pull the trigger of a forty-five-caliber one, rolling a roll was beyond his capabilities ... ”.

English in 12 Days: A Self-Study Guide for Everyday Communication

Don't have time to learn English but spend a lot of time driving? We offer you an audio course that will allow you to master the most necessary and frequently used expressions and phrases used in everyday life in a short time.

Having learned these phrases, you will be able to understand English and be understood in most vital situations, you will be able to maintain a conversation on simple everyday topics, talk on the phone, make an acquaintance and, most importantly, feel confident when traveling or a business trip abroad.

Each section of the course contains phrases and expressions on a specific topic and their parallel translation into Russian. To consolidate and activate the material, a reverse translation from Russian into English is proposed. A complete list of expressions with translation into Russian is presented in the Text folder in the root directory of the disk.

Common phrases Greetings Start a conversation. Acquaintance Farewell Congratulations. Wishes Request. Acknowledgments Apologies Questions Consent. Disagreement, refusal Invitation. Visit Expression of feelings Time Weather Telephone conversation.

Adventure adventure: 1728 books - download in fb2, txt for android or read online

Too many books? You can clarify books by request "Adventure Adventures" (the number of books for this specification is shown in brackets)

A sudden guest at the birthday party of the heiress to the throne alarmed the entire court, causing jealousy in the princess and irritation in the knights of the Red Order. While Elissa of England pacifies the storm of emotions in her heart, a new intrigue is woven around the Tudor throne. This time, Rockwell is assisted by Viscount Howard, at ...

“I am different” is a fantasy novel by Denis Deev, the fourth book of the cycle of the same name, genre of LitRPG, combat fantasy. I have a cocktail of the best genes of Mother Earth in my body. I run faster than a cheetah, dive deeper than a sperm whale, grow lost limbs like a lizard and eat for three elephants. So what …

September 1939.In the Italian city of Bergamo, three people with a difficult biography meet - an Italian aristocrat, his companion - the widow of the British ambassador, and a traveling salesman from Austria. Brought together by fate, they find themselves cut off from the outside world for three days due to a mysterious illness and centuries ...

Stuck, or How Much Cat Purr?

The aliens who arrived on Earth for peaceful research purposes were ready for anything. But only not to the attitude of earthlings to cats and not to the terrifying features of the month of March on Earth. What will the aliens stuck with us do to take their feet home? The harsh story of a national hero ...

In his new work, the author tells about the difficult fate of an officer from the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSVG), who, on the eve of the withdrawal of troops to save his beloved, who remained in his homeland, deserts from the army and eventually becomes a major German businessman. As in the debut work "Tr ...

Mikhail Karpov, a Soviet science fiction writer who appeared out of nowhere, continues his adventures in the United States. Preliminary preparations for the adaptation of his novel are close to completion, and the American media machine continues to promote the image of the amazing Russian writer. After all, he is a brave fighter, victories ...

Future…. Where to find even a small crack, even for a second to look there? What if this future has already arrived? The talented scientist has set himself an almost impossible task - to force the human body to feed on the energy of the sun. This idea fascinated him so much that he even decided to experiment ...

New year detective collection

On New Year's Eve, we all prepare gifts for our relatives, friends and loved ones. The Eksmo Publishing House presents an excellent present - the collection "New Year's Collection of the Detective"! It includes action-packed novels of the most popular and beloved writers - Tatyana Ustinova, Tatyana Polyakova and Ekaterina Ostrovsk ...

The book tells the story of a young man named Chingiz, who was injured in childhood, as a result of which the brain area that is responsible for high vibrations was activated, and he begins to see creatures that ordinary people cannot see, if the creatures themselves do not want it. They live among us, everyone ...

A spark of earth, a heart of fire, a kiss from a king ... and half a pot of such nonsense - and all this is desperately necessary for me! After all, these are all magic ingredients for the initiation of a witch! But the spark kills when touched, the heart is offered to be obtained with the help of a dagger, and my kisses, I would like that ...

Provence. Gypsy girls, whose childhood was spent in the catacombs of Paris during the French Revolution, and now live during the reign of Napoleon, go to the city of the Gypsy Saint Black Sarah. On the way, they stop for a holiday in the city of Arles, where at the fair people sprinkle confetti, walk on stilts, gypsies and ...

Zen and Nova have traveled to other worlds before, but now everything has changed: they went through a gate that should not exist at all, did terrible things that cannot be fixed, and can no longer go back. The new Empress of the Great Network has just rescued Chand from the prison freezer ...

New Year Crime Stories

On New Year's Eve, we all want a winter fairy tale, surprises and miracles! How to create a joyful mood and prepare an enchanting gift for your family and friends? Dress up the Christmas tree, set the table and present an original present - a new collection of action-packed New Year's stories. Popular writers - Tatiya ...

Going on vacation, Anna had no idea how the trip would change her life. But miracles happen when you don't expect them. Anna learns about Dark and Light forces, about good and evil, she will believe in the existence of Lucifer. How often does each of us want to run away from reality? How often are gray days like shackles? Well ...

If you eat a sandwich with a slice of quasar fillet

One by one, Veronica's friends and classmates disappear without a trace.And what is hidden in the package that Kirill leaves before disappearing himself? Albina Shumkova, a private detective, will have to solve this problem. And if the answer lies on the surface? It is only necessary to strain the cerebral convolutions. Maybe, …

A hero of heroes. You will not be full of fables

There will be a word about the magician of Darkness here. He's a bastard, a bastard and a hemorrhoid. But, even though he behaves greyhound, Of all the heroes he is a hero. He is extremely capable, Possibilities are full in his hands. But the Darkness does not like the magician - She would have cast him to dust. From fables you will not be full, really, When death sings them sweetly. Looming over ...

After some cataclysm, 9% of the human population of the Earth acquired magical abilities, and the process has not yet been completed: here and there mysterious "novs" appear - wizards with an elemental, uncontrollable gift. What to do with them? Find and neutralize. This is what the Magic Search agents are doing ...

Lois McMaster Bujold is the brightest star in modern American fiction. A series of novels about Miles Vorkosigan, the son of a high-ranking dignitary from the planet Barrayar, and his relatives, friends and enemies brought her worldwide fame. For the works of this "space saga" Bujold was awarded five n ...

Go to the selection of your sister's maid? Easy! Swap it for a couple of tests? Easily! Lying and getting into trouble a lot? Not a problem either! In order to snatch my father's soul from the clutches of the witch-stepmother, I will get a crown for my sister in any way. I'll just get rid of the attention of His Highness and get it right away ...

A disaster struck the Coast many years ago, and part of it ended up in another world. Now he is facing a new, even more destructive cataclysm. It can only be prevented by solving the mystery of the transition between worlds. Is this possible, or will the world of the Coast remain under threat of destruction? ...

Human life, like the colorful patchwork quilt of great-grandmothers, is tailored from many events ... Inna marries a foreigner and leaves to live in Norway. Her life is a "steep roller coaster" ... Veronica is tormented and suffering from the fact that she has not become a famous artist ... The future psychologist Anna is looking for ...

The idea of ​​turning the brain into a computer that can be used to write programs that enhance human abilities is not new. You can do this with the help of computer implants, or you can adapt the machine code to the signals understood by the brain and program the brain itself. Student Polina Gromova was not lucky ...

Tale: "The Mole and the Sun", about a little mole who was looking for a forester in the forest to get glasses and see the sun. He did not believe his grandfather, who spoke badly about the sun when the forester put on his glasses. In the forest, the little mole made friends and even met a wolf and a fox. A very interesting tale. Book ...

Who said that there is no magic and magic in ordinary life? That true values ​​are gone from our lives? And they were replaced with false and unreal? No, it can't be. This is proved by a young Dragon from the Rangers clan. ...

It's a completely different story. Chaos practice

The fantasy road story book follows the journey of a smuggler named Ren Tarona. Driven by ambition and the prospect of making huge amounts of money, Ren agrees to transport a dangerous cargo from a mysterious customer to find himself in the whirlpool of a dangerous race between parallel ...

Ivashka was not an ordinary lad, but a key. He could unlock everything that was locked, he could go through doors, and through worlds, and through time! Like a needle through a mat! Therefore, the Sorcerer kept him in a secret fortress, waited for Ivashka to grow up and his strength would enter at the very time. Yes, I did not take into account only one thing: by itself, the cl ...

For one day a rustle will come to you ...

People and shurshiks live in the kingdom of Shirokorossiya. Shurshiks hunt bad people, who rip out their hearts and make “rustling pills”. Once Little Blo is imbued with the idea: to cultivate evil in human hearts, and finds himself an ally - Chancellor Budrash, to whom, in exchange for a heart, he offered ...

Travelmania. Storybook

Japan, Iceland, Australia, Mexico and Hungary invite you on an online adventure! What do these countries have in common? Why is Japan famous for snakes, while in Iceland they still believe in trolls? What attracts tourists to Australia, and why is everyone in Mexico balancing on the brink of fiction and reality? Poch ...

Based on real life stories. Adventures. Women. Love.…

This book is about pirates, treasures, fatal beauties and crowned villains sitting on the thrones of civilized Europe. And it is also about the intrigues and battles of secret services under the carpet of the Lady of History, about the icy, evil North Wind whistling in the gear of a frigate going in a combat turn towards the enemy squads ...

Valery Pecheikin had never had a book before. Mostly Valery is known for his work at the Gogol Center (Pecheikin supervises the Gogol + program in the theater - conversations with actors, playwrights and directors - the authors of performances and simply with those without whom it is difficult to imagine the cultural life of Mos ...

Pioneer camp named after Poroshkova

An insurance agent, crossing the border, loses his passport. He is detained and placed in a psychiatric hospital (former pioneer camp named after V. Poroshkova). The head physician directs him to insure the launch of the rocket and it successfully takes off. He is entrusted with insuring the entire country. With the help of Poroshkova, he gets the support of the deputies ...

Vladimir Bablovich once asked his son for a favor: when he dies, it is necessary to bury him bald, and only Bablovich's corpse, his son and his beloved dog Cheddar should be present at the funeral. The very day has come. All billions after the funeral will go to the son, but it is necessary to shave dad and ...

“I am different” is a fantasy novel by Denis Deev, the third book of the cycle of the same name, genre LitRPG, combat fantasy. Returned to Earth after a hundred years of absence for a good reason? And he discovered that civilization had collapsed, and bloodthirsty creatures filled his home? This is nonsense, don't make a drama out of it! ...

Cocktail "Another world", or the Tricks of the evil spirit

Drink a signature cocktail at the bar and go to another world in the company of your sister? Yes we can. Falling in love with the best men in the world? Where can we do without this ... to expose the new house and all its inhabitants under attack? Everything happens ... But get out of the water dry? Almost impossible, but we will try! ...

The fates of two representatives of the secret departments - the French and Russian intelligence services - are intertwined in an unusual espionage and love story that uses chench ...

As long as you are beneficial to the authorities, they will keep you with them in all possible ways. Mikhail Karpov, after returning to his homeland, lives to the fullest. The chickens do not peck money, and soon there will be even more. He is about to receive the badge of the Lenin Prize laureate. Karpov is quite close and even in a friendly way ...

Ostromov, or the Sorcerer's Apprentice

In Leningrad in 1926, they laugh hysterically, starve desperately, sell their souls for a cutlet, get used to the power of the Chekists - and trust anyone who can give hope in a collapsed world. The ideal environment for a scammer to appear is much more dangerous than Ostap Bender. The Masonic Circle, which began as a simple scam, became ...

Defiant offenders of the magical order

Since childhood, I have been told that bad demons end up in purgatory. I grew up and decided to check! And once in a strict regime colony, I realized one thing - you need to run! The deadly traps of the Enchanted Forest are not as terrible as the gray days among brawler fairies and terrorist dragons. Here and the prince dem ...

A hero of heroes. Try not torture

There will be a word about the magician of Darkness here. He's a bastard, a bastard and a hemorrhoid. But, even though he behaves greyhound, Of all the heroes he is a hero. He is extremely capable, Possibilities are full in his hands. But the Darkness does not like the magician - She would have cast him to dust. His attempt, yes, not torture, He could deceive the Masters. But in vain did our magician cheat ...

Is that all? Did they lose? The opponent was chosen too strong.Now a whole army is on the heels of the group heading to Ferrum. And Nikita, wounded and emaciated, with a handful of allies is forced to sit in caves. It's good that the bear is with them. Otherwise, they would be huge in chelicera ...

The city is guarded by a dragon. Volume 2

They say you can't enter the same river twice. And twice to find yourself in the same parallel, full of magic world? An encore, so to speak? Veronica Pogorelova succeeded. And for this she had to die in her home world and get into the body of a high-born elf. Moreover, now she has to go out ...

A Tale of the Adventures of the English Milord George

LN Tolstoy liked to ask this question: "Who is the most famous Russian writer?" and to the answer of the interlocutor he objected: “No. Matvey Komarov ". Matvey Komarov is the author of perhaps the most legendary book in Russian literature, a breathtaking bestseller about the adventures of the English milord George: before the revolution ...

Light reading with elements of farce for those who love France and adventurous comedies. Andrey loses his job and finds himself in a hole in debt. Veronica, his former classmate, is preparing for a wedding with a famous businessman. And she does not even suspect that Victor, Veronica's father, is preparing a surprise from which she cannot see ...

The story will take the listener to the city burned by the Mongols ... Using the services of a traitor, be ready for anything ... Do you know how a rat squeezed into a corner, for example, somewhere in Europe, differs from the one in Russia? The first will certainly throw at you, and the second will rush and win ... The author is a laureate of a literary prize ...

1921, in a hospital for disabled veterans, the commander of the Eighth Army Maxim Kravtsov, who was "killed" in March 1920, came to his senses. Former Socialist-Revolutionary and staff captain of the tsarist army, a former member of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), personally acquainted with Lenin and half of the heroes of the Civil War and himself was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner ...

Crime drama. An easy acquaintance of the heroine turns into big problems. The heroine loses everything she went to. Career, housing, position, work ... Having managed to escape from the clutches of his captor, the only desire is the desire for revenge. The hunter and the victim change places. In a fit of revenge, I don’t stay ...

San Francisco again smelled of fried, and our old acquaintances Charlie Asher and his mysteriously gifted daughter Sophie, Inspector Rivera, Myatnik Fresh and other modest Merchants of Death, and in combination - rescuers of mankind from the forces of darkness, not having time to really recover from the battles with Morrigan and the monster Orc ...

One sovereign of the other Augustus

When in infancy a person, having grown strong enough to hold a book in his hands, and only having learned to read, suddenly falls into dependence on the printed word, as well as literature in general, and when his further fate itself divinely casts, then devilishly throws, and then mysteriously help ...

The author of the works included in this book, Boris Olidort, who wrote under the pseudonym Mark Maxim, was not only a poet and journalist, but also a prominent representative of the "literature of the communist Pinkerton," as Nikolai Bukharin called it. Critics of the twenties of the last century noted: “The form of an adventurous ro ...

Curve Build History: Buff Machine

- The essence of rectification is countercurrent mass and heat exchange between vapor and liquid. This allows binary or multicomponent mixtures to be separated. And get ... - The look of the bald old man with the nickname "Professor Preobrazhensky" over his head rests straight on you. - Get pure alcohol. No, I do not …

Go back in time and kill him

A terrible pandemic of the future: cancer has become contagious and threatens to kill, including the daughter of the protagonist. To keep her alive, he goes to crime, but he is caught. The investigating authorities put the hero before a choice: either he goes on a scientific experiment to transform the past with the help of a time machine, and ...

I ended up in another world in the body of a witch who urgently needs to get married.The grooms surround, relatives clap their teeth angrily, and the Prince of the Pretemnyh makes obscene hints. But all this fades away after they demand a divorce in my own bed! ...

“I am different” is a fantasy novel by Denis Deev, the fifth book of the cycle of the same name, genre LitRPG, battle fiction. Great battles have died down, victorious marches have won back! But the further history of mankind spun into a ball that is almost impossible to untangle. Can't you untie the knot? So chop it up! ...

“The State Institution nestled in the center of the city and was very important, I would say, the most important. It was engaged in politics, finance ... It takes a long time to enumerate, and it makes no sense, because now it is left of it ... However, let's not get ahead of ourselves ... "...

Light adept. Healers Academy

It's great to be a bright adept! Personal practice, sometimes grateful clients, sworn friends and ... the groom is attached. But here's the trouble: I know the groom only from the pages of the yellow press, but I made a deal for ten kisses with a passing basilisk. And why does this scaly one look at me as if I ...

The Adventures of the Boy Kesha

The story of the childhood and growing up of the poet and engineer Konstantin Voskresensky, written on autobiographical material. A fascinating presentation of the adventures of a young hero, which fell on a turning point in the era experienced by our country. The book is intended for the widest reader. ...

Little sorceress. Schemers

The brief lull in the shard world is replaced by a storm again. The young emperor is still trying to keep the throne and just survive. He finds allies and new enemies. Learns and makes mistakes. And with all his might he is trying to keep a beauty nearby, for whom duty and honor are higher than any feelings. The inhabitants of the Dragon Ridge ...

Dr. Proctor and his magic powder

Meet Yu Nesbø, the Norwegian author of detective stories read by adults around the world. And this is the first in a series of books for children by Ju Nesbø, a Norwegian author of detective stories read by adults around the world. And this is Dr. Proctor, a mad (in a good way) professor, around invention ...

The first two books in the series about the Albi Empire were written by the author in 2017. The adventures of heroes on exotic planets of a giant universe organically flow into the genre of space opera. Not so long ago, Captain Barthez and his earthling friend Tom Chernov appeared in the inhabited universe, challenging the imperial ...

Walking on a thread of a ball. Book 2

Continuation of the path, search for answers to questions and haunted. Mysterious visions and a familiar melody, the acquisition of new abilities and character traits of defeated creatures. A simple deal out of control, with confusing and terrible secrets, makes it impossible to correct an unwanted merger. Zhre ...

They got married and lived happily ever after ... this is how almost all fairy tales of love end, but not this one. After the wedding of Fiskal and Milidia, the main characters of the book "New Morning of Life" by Daria Kononova, new dangers and adventures await. The young couple's success on the Council of Wizards turns out to be brief. One for the other ...

The adventures of the Boravian princess continue. The Royal Palace is no longer the safest place on earth. A powerful enemy is looking for ways to get to young Chantal and, finally, complete what he has been striving for for fifteen years - to destroy the Battiani clan. Attempts follow one after another, and even ...

Lily, Robert and Malkin suddenly receive an invitation card to a show at the magnificent Slimwood's Flying Circus. Friends are waiting for a unique show with acrobats, clowns, trained animals, as well as extraordinary artists like a winged gymnast girl and a boy with claws instead of hands! ABOUT…

Improvisers. Madame Renard's bag

America at the beginning of the 20th century and Russia today. Two adventurer friends (not to say charlatans) do not want to "work for my uncle." Their dream is to do what they love and earn a lot of money.Thanks to ingenuity and a rare gift of persuasion, friends become advertisers and without a twinge of conscience turning ...

The king ordained Red John and his friends to the knights, having thanked so much for saving his daughter. England is awaiting trial over the participants in the conspiracy against the heiress to the throne. Gossipers say that the first lady herself, the king's niece, bribed the bandits ... A political scandal is brewing. The court turns into fa ...

Tired of living in poverty? If you are young, beautiful, not deprived of magic, and besides, of a noble family, there is a hope that someone needs it. Indeed, the beast runs to the catcher - now an old friend's grandmother sends the magography of a profitable groom. Young, handsome, rich ... But the trouble is - the opinion "boo ...

Several more years passed. Punjab, the city of Moga. Railway engineer Osmund Dankart came to fix Ellery's business. Jokes and sarcasm keep pouring from him. At the ball, where Osmund looks out for suitors for Elizabeth Cube's niece, he is annoyed by the tongue-tied Heather. Out of harm, Osmund tried ...

“Not a Villain” is a fantasy novel by Sergei Plotnikov, the fourth book of the “Rider” cycle, the genre of the hitman, urban fantasy, social fiction. To fulfill the plan of the dead lover, Yaroslav Kuznetsov, aka Alan Smith, graduated from high school as an external student, entered a multichannel college, started inventing ...

The Troubled Life of Gena's Fallout, Reptilian 0-19

Hectic and hectic life in the universe is full of wonders and adventures. But it is very difficult to survive in it. It is this frantic life that makes our hero constantly take on dubious tasks until he accidentally ends up on Earth. And after this event, he can no longer get rid of his p ...

The war on Iktiva is over. It's time to say goodbye to attrata. But before the bearer part with the attributes, they need to visit the worlds where these very attributes have been for many centuries, and even millennia. It was required to complete unfinished business and pay off debts. But now Gartosh will not be alone ...

11 years have passed since the release of the first book of the dilogy about Savely Bodunents. Phew. Finally, a nondisclosure subscription has ended regarding a brilliant intelligence operation in sultry Africa. And I am especially pleased to tell the readers how the epic with our hero ended. Continuation of the novel "D ...

The era of the Tudors is drawing to a close. The Thirty Years' War is raging in Europe. The king refuses applicants for the hand of the heiress and the first lady, so that the throne of England does not go to foreigners. Meanwhile, the son of the ruined lord, Black John, is having fun with robbery on the roads, until the countries are in his hands ...

What will happen to our world if all physical constants change? ...

I am a homeopathic pharmacist in the past, now a hit woman, a witch, and even a fugitive of noble birth, after the comfort of a modern apartment I ended up in a forest hut! Nightmare? Yes! But I have to return to the mansion of the former owner of my body. Isn't it a way out of the situation? Even if there are no relatives left, I have ...

Philosophical - idealistic pain "fistula"

A work about good and evil. Affecting all components of the existential philosophy of existence. The meaning of activity, moral laws, measure of actions, questions of morality, ethics. The philosophy of despair, tragic loneliness with elements of physical, psychological, moral cruelty (pain). ...

Evgeny Leng, journalist and entrepreneur, author of the first book about Uanet “Space. UA ”, on a short leg with the leading personalities of the Ukrainian IT ecosystem. In his science fiction novel The Networks. com actors are the leaders of not only Ukrainian, but also the global web space. Ch ...

A slightly apathetic guy named Artyom, disappointed with his life, or even completely lost interest in it. Perhaps that is why life pushes him into a cycle of absurd situations. ...

By the grace of Kostya, the quiet and poor student Vanya always finds himself in stupid situations.But he plays back, regularly writing down the score in a notebook with topics in English. Remembering funny and ridiculous stories with Kostik, twelve-year-old Vanya finds his own answers to questions about friendship, parental divorce, attitude ...

The city is guarded by a dragon. Volume 1

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in splendid isolation, far from civilization, be careful in your desires. After all, they can be fulfilled. If you woke up in an unfamiliar place in the summer, although you clearly remembered that the day before you had drunk a bottle of champagne in the winter forest, do not be surprised what ...

Electronic library LitPortal

And again Marlitt ... Sometimes it seems that all the adorable Barbara Cartland came out of the books of Eugenie Marlitt. This time we present to you the "Imperial Countess Gisela", which before our eyes from a doll, a weak child turns into a woman conscious of her dignity, breaks the intrigues entangling her. The meeting of the beautiful Gisela with a Brazilian, a former German student, who once alienated the weak count's child, is full of mystery and poetry.

1994 edition. The preservation is good. The book includes the work "Sapphire Rose", translated from English by AK Surogin.

Who are the Tzen? If you don't know yet, one can only envy your calmness. After all, this is a race of fierce Star Warriors who have brought their fighting skills to the level of art, a race that has devoted itself entirely to war. More than one planet has fallen under the onslaught of their legions, and it seems that nothing can stop the invincible soldiers of the Tzen Empire.

The Sphere of Maalfas is an artifact of unprecedented power, capable of stopping armies and devastating cities. It once belonged to the Alvis, the mysterious underground inhabitants of the Tseren Empire, but after the Battle of Froburg it fell into the hands of the Emperor. The former inquisitor, the scientist-magician Ludwig von Fierhof is entrusted with solving the mystery of the magic talisman, learning to control its power "solely for the good of the Empire". But is it possible to gain a lot of knowledge without paying for it with many sorrows, to curse the demon and not be in his power? From the first steps, the road full of dangers and disappointments leads Ludwig away from such a clear goal at first glance. But will it become the path to the solution?

Swords are ringing. Riots shake the mighty Empire. Cities are burning. And on the roads is a man who knows how to write and rewrite History. The action-packed work of Elena Dolgova, the author of the novel "The Sphere of Maalfas", which aroused the interest of critics and readers, is intended for all fans of combat fantasy.

The main character Seryoga, due to a number of unusual circumstances, finds himself in the medieval world, plunges into the thick of previously unseen events that not only hone his mind, but also temper his spirit and body. He becomes a knight, a duke, and in this capacity defeats many enemies, including evil spirits, becomes the protector of the offended and disadvantaged. And, of course, next to him is the incomparable lady knight Clotilde, Baroness Du Percival.

John Dixon Carr is an American detective classic, the 'eternal rival' of the great Agatha Christie. A tense intrigue, a paradoxical development of events, an unexpected outcome of an 'impossible' crime are the characteristic features of the works of J.D. Carr. “... I think that he took with him some kind of weapon, a silent weapon, in case there were no fireplaces pokers. But in vain was he worried. The poker was hanging in place. From what he said to Eve, we know that he knew about Sir Maurice's deafness. He opened the door, grabbed a poker and walked up to his victim from behind. The old man was absorbed in studying his treasure ... "

Captured leaders of the Kyrenian nationalists, Hadid Shebir and Colonel Motsi, were taken out of strife in Kyrenia and sentenced to life on the distant island of Mora, lost in the waters of the Atlantic. The fanatics who have decided to escape from imprisonment from the Isle of Mora will stop at nothing and are able to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

"Little-known in the USSR, but well-known in the West author of action films and thrillers Victor Canning is represented by the detective" The Melting Man. "Searching for the red" Mercedes "of millionaire O'Dowd, detective Rex Carver did not expect that he would have to risk his life, to meet not only with his charming daughter O'Dowd, but also agents of Interpol. "

"I am flying to Tokyo. This is my second assignment as a special correspondent for Pravda. The first was a year ago, to fighting Vietnam. Pravdists did not limit me to narrow topics." Work for the newspaper as if you were collecting materials for a novel. "


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two sons and an adult daughter

When you read in the newspaper: "In the coming days, the country will take a break from the cold," you understand that the letter "E" cannot be canceled in any case.

For those who do not know how to use a bunny, a separate boiler has been prepared to reduce the pictures

I scold myself with the last words. I made an order at the "Nursery-garden of Elena Dolgova". I really wanted almonds. They also have delivery - 500 rubles. It was too lazy to go to them and it was inconvenient. Delivery was postponed 2 times. I wanted to refuse, but the almonds outweighed. Well, I also ordered other colors. As a result, 3,000 rubles. They brought it. I scold myself with the last words.

In the Northern flora, in front of me, they took the last almond. It was a wonderful bush. Fluffy, dense, green. They brought me a bare twig with two branches at the top. All flowers are planted in regular beer plastic cups. Although "planted" is said loudly. The bottom of the glass is filled with earth and that's it. All plants are thin, withered. The cups were one in the other, everything was squeezed and broken.

I scold myself with the last words.

I scold myself with the last words. I made an order at the "Nursery-garden of Elena Dolgova". I really wanted almonds. They also have delivery - 500 rubles. It was too lazy to go to them and it was inconvenient. Delivery was postponed 2 times. I wanted to refuse, but the almonds outweighed. Well, I also ordered other colors. As a result, 3,000 rubles. They brought it. I scold myself with the last words.

In the Northern flora, in front of me, they took the last almond. It was a wonderful bush. Fluffy, dense, green. They brought me a bare twig with two branches at the top. All flowers are planted in regular beer plastic cups. Although "planted" is said loudly. The bottom of the glass is filled with earth and that's it. All plants are thin, withered. The cups were one in the other, everything was squeezed and broken.

Nursery-garden of Elena Dolgova - garden and vegetable garden

Valery Konstantinovich, hello! Thank you very much for your participation in the seminar. Today we paid for the purchase of all your disks in the electronic version (the husband paid), but, unfortunately, the links to the second, fourth and sixth disks do not open. With the second and sixth, I figured it out - the link was broken, I managed to "guess" the correct one, but the fourth could not be pumped out.

And another question: you say that in no case should you touch the crown. But what about the already dead, completely dried branches - can they be removed?

Dear Valery Konstantinovich,
I decided to write to you just now, although over the past two years I have been intensively visiting your site, reading articles, buying your book (found on the book market), and has already largely changed my summer cottage technologies. If, in truth, I saw the light of the state of my garden (a summer cottage near Kiev, 13 acres, more than forty different fruit trees), alas, ALL my trees were deeply sick: they planted the wrong way, cut it wrong, watered it wrong ... etc.
I'm fanatically trying to breed peaches and apricots, I bought them with a closed root system in nurseries, but I already lost the peach, it leaves, the apricot dries up, there are one or two left, in a terrible state, I understand not for long, curliness and monilliosis will eat everything. Thank you very much for your vision and deep understanding of the nature of the garden and for your help in our self-education. Who wants to - he will understand. and will do ..You understand, for me in our zone there is no question of growing a garden in extreme conditions, I want a healthy and correct garden, which pleases, not saddens.
Please reserve for me 20 pieces of seeds of those varieties of apricots, which, in your opinion, are more suitable for the climate of Kiev (frosts over 30 degrees are quite rare), as well as pieces of 20-30 different plums, and also 20-30 pieces of cherries (coccomycosis is rampant ) .. I will try to start a completely new garden, and I will try to use my own cuttings for scions, since I bought interesting varieties. If the bones reach, I'll try to order the cuttings, we'll see how the mail works.
Earlier, according to reviews in your guestbook, I did not see the opportunity to order something from you from Ukraine. I want to clarify the terms of payment / delivery of bones, probably there is a general description, please tell me where to find it on the site, so as not to take your time.

With deepest respect, Toshka will continue to pester you with questions.

Valery Konstantinovich, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
So important in any situation
Stay confident in victory
So that it doesn't happen - be yourself,
And even if it's difficult - don't give up!

Let the support of relatives and friends
Will support and help in every matter,
May wishes come true soon
May all goals become achievable!

Valery Konstantinovich, good afternoon!
I have a dream - a huge, fruitful personal garden - and dreams, as you know, must come true.
But I have no knowledge and skills in gardening, not at all. I would like to ask your advice, since you are a specialist with vast experience and remarkable achievements, plus you also live in Siberia - where to start your self-study? What to read first? I really don't want to just buy cuttings and ruin them because of my own ignorance. I read various articles on the Internet, but, without any experience, it is very difficult to distinguish useful knowledge from "husk" that is destructive for plants.
I beg you to help me and tell me where a good garden begins, because intentions alone are not enough, knowledge and understanding of the process is needed.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a deficit budget for 2019

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the budget for 2019 today. It takes into account the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, put forward as conditions for the provision of the next loan.

The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine for next year is 2.3% of GDP, inflation is projected at 7.4%, and economic growth should be 3%. The budget was calculated based on the rate of UAH 29.4 per dollar.

By the end of 2019, the cost of living in Ukraine will be $ 72, and the minimum wage will be about $ 149. Defense spending is budgeted at 5.3% of GDP (about $ 7.5 billion).

A number of opposition parliamentary deputies criticized the budget, pointing out the increase in tariffs, the deepening of the country's debt dependence on foreign creditors and calling it impracticable, nevertheless, 240 parliamentarians supported its adoption with the required 226 votes. In the near future, President of the country Petro Poroshenko will sign the document, RIA Novosti reports.

In Nakhodka, residents oppose the construction of a "Chinese" factory for the Chinese

Sohu website: an attempt to dishonor the Russian Tu-160 in the skies over the Sea of ​​Japan turned into a fiasco for the US Air Force

Honored Designer Valery Benderov: the collapse in the aviation industry was man-made and purposeful

Russian Defense Ministry pulls troops to the border with Ukraine?

Zelensky has begun a sweep of the Constitutional Court. Illegally

In the United States, there is talk of a possible rejection of the production of the fifth generation fighter F-35

Speaker of the Kiev delegation at the negotiations on Donbass Arestovich: Russia will "attack" Ukraine with four forces

Coronacrisis turned out to be the first annual loss for Gazprom in more than 20 years

“We are listening to Khomchak. We must get out of this country "

In Ukraine, information about the income of Zelensky's wife was disclosed

Vatican intends to cut costs of the throne due to the threat of bankruptcy

Football at our expense: who pays for the defeat of Russian clubs in Europe resource: Russia may prepare a large-scale missile strike from the Black Sea against pro-Turkish jihadists in Syria

Spiegel family real estate: apartments, houses and a mansion worth up to 3 billion rubles

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