Trip Lisbon: tales of a beautiful trip to Lisbon

the place that most fascinated me

My story cannot be exhausted in a few lines, but I would need an entire encyclopedia, but as a good teacher I will try to be concise but comprehensive.

Given that travel has always attracted me and I was able to fulfill my desire, albeit partially, among the various places visited all interesting in various respects, the place that more than any other fascinated me was and remains the city of Lisbon in Portugal.

Even as a child this small country with a great history during the hours of geography at school stimulated my imagination, and made me imagine it as a fairytale country (it was the period in which Portugal, due to the dictatorship, was isolated from the rest of the world) . The first time I was in Portugal was in December of '97, a brief stop in the Algarve coming from Andalusia, but that was enough to induce me during the Easter holidays of '98 to go to Lisbon, and the Lusitanian nights made me literally bewitched, wandering the day through the narrow streets of Alfama made me feel at home, and the evenings and nights in the Bairro Alto gave me so much enthusiasm, and from the Miraduro of S. Pedro de Alcantara observing the Baixa and the Catello di S. Giorgio the mixed effect of scents and lights made me feel happy. From the nearby premises I perceived the poignant notes of Fado and all this gave me a great feeling of peace and well-being. At that moment I had decided that! that would be the city of my heart. Since that time I have been back several other times, for a few days or for almost a month, on all occasions, alone with friends or with the students of my school, and each time I have left leaving there a part of my heart in hope. to be able to return soon. This summer I have been there twice in July and in September, but I have already booked to spend the next Christmas and New Year and I count the missing days for the departure.

I am learning Portuguese, and I believe that maybe in my previous life (?) I will have been a Portuguese navigator, maybe Vasco De Gama. Obviously I'm kidding, but I don't think I can really describe the charm and magic of this fantastic and bright city, the city of saudade, of Amalia Rodrigues and Madredeus, of sardines asade and bacalhau, of azulejos and electricos, of ginjina and del Manuelino, in short Lisboa velha citade, chiena de encanto and de beleza.

A nice hug.


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