Exhibition of flower decoration and landscape design "Blooming Planet", new trends in landscape design

Planet in bloom

The beginning of a new summer cottage season is approaching in the vastness of our large country. Warm days will come, and gardeners and summer residents will return to their beds, flower beds and lawns. It seems that many of them will be interested in learning about new trends in landscape design, which were vividly demonstrated on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC) from July 9 to September 15 last year.

The Blooming Planet international exhibition of flower decoration and landscape design has been held there for the fourth time. The event itself will celebrate its first anniversary only next summer, but 2009 was a jubilee year for the All-Russian Exhibition Center, which turned 70 on August 1.

At the fourth international exhibition, more than 60 compositions were presented, created by landscape and floriculture companies in Russia, Germany, Great Britain, student teams of domestic universities. Unfortunately, the global financial crisis has affected not only banks and stock exchanges, but also the arts, including design, so the number of participants and the exhibition area have decreased compared to the previous year.

However, despite all the financial troubles, the organizers have chosen a very positive motto for the fourth exhibition - "How wonderful this world is." The participants supported this optimistic attitude both in the selection of plants, and in the color solution of flower beds, and in the names of the compositions themselves - "City of Friendship", "Dream", "Serenity", "World of Equal Opportunities", "These eyes are opposite", "Kinship and friendship is a great power ”,“ Favorite corner ”,“ Fiery chord lines ”,“ Rose garden ”,“ Summer of butterflies ”,“ The bird of happiness ”,“ Flowers of Russia ”,“ Your way on the rainbow planet ”,“ Fire of my soul ” , "All the colors of life", etc.

As part of the Garden Miniature competition, teams of students from 10 specialized higher educational institutions in Moscow, Michurinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novocherkassk, Saratov, Tomsk and some other cities presented their debut mini-projects. Within the framework of the competition for the anniversary of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, they presented surprising works on the theme “1939-2009. Link of Times ".

Despite the fact that all the compositions presented at the exhibition are ceremonial, they can also provide ideas for a private garden. The main trends at the exhibition this year are volume, triangles, spirals and diagonals, nautical themes, paintings and frames, temples.

Trends and fashions are changeable, but plants are not so windy. As before, these are mainly annuals: marigolds (tagetes), begonias (tuberous and always flowering), sea cineraria, ageratum, coleus, pelargonium, ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, cereals, petunias. And in flower gardens, their use is quite understandable - they give a quick decorative effect, long flowering, have a variety of species and varieties, are easy to care for, they have no problems with overwintering.

The creative imagination of the authors of the compositions is amazing - in the middle of the flowers you can find a rainbow, and a steam locomotive with carriages, and ships with fluttering sails, and transparent pyramids, and giant colored pencils stuck in the ground, and glare chrome surfaces, and a futuristic cable-stayed structure, and a corner of a classic estates.

In the main competition, the Lefortovo Parterre and City of Friendship expositions were unconditionally recognized as winners - their creators were awarded the Grand Prix of the exhibition. The rest of the participants were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas. In the "Garden Miniature" competition, the work "Learning by Playing", created by a team of students of the Voronezh State Forestry Academy, was recognized as the best. In the competition for the best surprise work, the first place was taken by a team of students from the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The next year is a jubilee year for the exhibition, which is already beloved by many Russians. How will designers please and surprise us next summer?

Alexey Antsiferov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Valentina Antsiferova

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